The achievement of every student is paramount to our staff.  Quality and academic support ensures that every student ensures that every student continues to improve.  Every year a high number of students progress successfully.

This status enables us to build on our achievement across the curriculum, develops innovation and strengthens the echoes of the school.

  • Recently our school student Miss Mansi Lodh of 9th Std. English medium was selected for world karate fight in Indian     national team to represent in South America Chile who won national level gold medal.
  • The same student who represented our country India at Dhaka Bangladesh has won gold medal in south Asian karate championship.
  • And also we have other students who have won gold medal at national and district level name as below.

Gold Medal

  1. Shruti Jagtap 11th Arts Eng. Med.
  2. Pruthvi Chauhan 7th Eng. Med.
  3. Shubh Patel 3rd Guj. Med.

Bronze Medal

  1. Krishna Rajput 10th Guj. Med.