• Every student should attend the class regularly and punctually.
  • They must reach the school at least 5 minutes before the first bell.
  • Student must attend the school only in the prescribed uniform on all days.
  • During the school hours, Student are not allowed to leave the classrooms without the permission of the class teacher. A written permission from the principal is compulsory to leave the school premises during school hours.
  • The parents will have to bear the to and fro charges, if it becomes necessary to send a child home in case of any emergency or sickness.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • To be neatly and smartly dressed.
  • To converse only in English while in the school premises.
  • To be polite and well-mannered.
  • To greet and respect parent, elders and teachers.
  • Never tell lies or cheat inside/outside the school premises.
  • Never to loiter aimlessly along corridors, run about, shout or whistle.
  • To be quiet when a teacher enters the classroom.
  • To be ready to co-operate in any endeavor to promote the well being of the school and school mates.
  • To avoid writing on walls or carving out names on any of the articles.
  • To make pursuit of truth and knowledge his/her motto.
  • 80% of attendance is compulsory to be regular in attending classes


  • No Leaving Certificate shall be issued unless :
  • Applied for by the Parent in the form prescribed in the school hand book.
  • All the dues have been cleared.
  • If a proper stamped envelope I supplied together with the application form, the leaving certificate will be posted by Registered A.D. to the given address on payment of required amount.
  • The school observes all public holidays declared by the State Government Sectional holidays will be granted if applied for in writing. Holidays may change……..
  • Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend school.
  • The student name will be struck off from the register if he/she remains absent from the school for more than 15 days continuously without taking valid leave permission. The rejoining will be considered as re-admission.
  • Students must be present on 15th August & 26thJanuary

School Hand Book

  • During  exam students must bring school diary daily.
  • Every student must have a copy of the school hand book which must be preserved carefully and brought to school daily, failing which strict action may be action may be taken by the school authorities.
  • Daily lessons, report if any, any homework should be noted in the hand book.
  • Students should get specimen signatures of the parents/ guardians and also obtain their signatures as and when required on various pages of the hand book, failing which they are liable to be sent home from school.